Spirit Shroud

3rd level Necromancy

Is Spirit Shroud Good?

Overall Rating: Red. This means that spirit shroud isn’t going to contribute to the effectiveness of your character build at all.

Overall Notes: Most spellcasters can skip this, but if you're a martial spellcaster that attacks multiple times a turn, this is definitely worth it.

Class Specific Ratings for Spirit Shroud

Warlock: Most warlocks don’t want to be within 10ft for their enemies. This is decent for Hexblade builds but the damage doesn’t outpace hex by that much and can’t be used at range. This will be an underwhelming use of a 3rd level spell slot and concentration.

Paladin: This spell is an amazing buff for paladins. The extra damage on every attack is solid for a 3rd-level, bonus action, concentration spell. The fact that this scales 1d8 for each level of spell slot higher than 3rd makes this spell amazing.