About Arcane Eye

Arcane Eye is a site focused on providing useful tips and tricks to all those involved in the world of D&D. While our content will be focusing specifically on the 5th Edition, it can readily be applied to all other editions of D&D or other tabletop role-playing games!

We are a collection of D&D fanboys and fangirls (fanpeople?) that have a unique set of skills and a wide variety of D&D knowledge that would mostly go to waste in the real world. We talk about things like the best D&D Podcasts or which D&D 5e Adventures you should play.

Arcane Eye is our place where we could get all that knowledge onto a page and we hope it is useful to anybody who comes looking! If you want to get in touch, shoot us a message on our contact page (or cast Sending if you know it).

Our Party

Mike Bernier – Founder

Hey, I’m Mike! I’m a web developer by trade and have been playing D&D since 2016. My D&D journey started after I suffered a concussion playing hockey. Seeing as I wasn’t able to watch TV, I listened to podcasts to pass the time. During my recovery, I checked out a podcast my friend Veronica recommended, The Adventure Zone. Needless to say, I was immediately hooked on D&D and listened to the whole first season as well as the entirety of Critical Role before I could get back on the ice.

As soon as I was able, I ordered the Dungeon Master’s Guide and Player’s Handbook, and then proceeded to bug all of my friends to play with me. My persistence paid off and I now run multiple games per week, both online and in-person. I love creating homebrew campaigns that pull inspiration from my favorite worlds, including The Wheel of Time, Lord of the Rings, Halo, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Alex Hamilton – Writer

Hello, I’m Alex! I began playing D&D with Mike back in 2016, but my love for all things fantastical goes back decades. My dad started reading Lord of the Rings to me before I had even learned to read myself — and my love of fantasy worlds has only grown from there.

I work in digital marketing, but I’m also a published speculative fiction writer. My short fiction has appeared in Seize the Press and Daikaijuzine, and I’m currently working on a debut novel. You can check out my blogs and full list of publications on my website.

I currently live in Halifax, Nova Scotia with my wife and a growing collection of house plants. In my spare time, I enjoy board games, bouldering, and hiking. You can follow me on Twitter @WAHamiltron or Blue Sky @wahamilton.bsky.social.

Roland Drews – Content Creation

Roland here! I was one of the people Mike roped into playing D&D, and my only regret is that I didn’t give it a shot sooner. After nervously stumbling through my first session, I dove headfirst into the rabbit hole that is Dungeons & Dragons and began to learn everything I could about it.

For me, D&D is more than just a game. As a serious introvert, it’s helped me get out of my shell and connect with people on a deeper level. It’s also allowed me to stay in touch with my friends after I moved halfway across the world to pursue my education.

Strangely enough, I love reading, writing, grammar, and doing research, so Arcane Eye is the perfect place for expressing my thoughts about my favorite pastime.

Veronica Jennings – Creative and Social

Hi! I’m Veronica, but all my friends call me VJ. I’ve been playing D&D for a couple of years now but have been a nerd at heart for much longer.

I love cooking, reading, video games, and long walks on the beach with my black cat, Jiji.

I work in video and photo editing, photography, and generally just gravitate towards the artistic side of things. I mainly help out with the creative and social aspects of Arcane Eye, but have been known to write an article or two when inspiration strikes!