Conjure Fey

6th level Conjuration
Casting Time
1 Minute
90 Feet
Concentration, up to 1 hour

Spell Description

You summon a fey creature of challenge rating 6 or lower, or a fey spirit that takes the form of a beast of challenge rating 6 or lower. It appears in an unoccupied space that you can see within range. The fey creature disappears when it drops to 0 hit points or when the spell ends.

The fey creature is friendly to you and your companions for the duration. Roll initiative for the creature, which has its own turns. It obeys any verbal commands that you issue to it (no action required by you), as long as they don’t violate its alignment. If you don’t issue any commands to the fey creature, it defends itself from hostile creatures but otherwise takes no actions.

If your concentration is broken, the fey creature doesn’t disappear. Instead, you lose control of the fey creature, it becomes hostile toward you and your companions, and it might attack. An uncontrolled fey creature can’t be dismissed by you, and it disappears 1 hour after you summoned it.

The GM has the fey creature’s statistics. Some sample creatures are listed below.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 7th level or higher, the challenge rating increases by 1 for each slot level above 6th.

Sample Creatures

CR Creature Name
0 Frog, Sea Horse, Baboon, Badger, Bat, Cat, Crab, Deer, Eagle, Giant Fire Beetle, Goat, Hawk, Hyena, Jackal, Lizard, Octopus, Owl, Quipper, Rat, Raven, Scorpion, Spider, Vulture, Weasel
1/8 Blood Hawk, Camel, Flying Snake, Giant Crab, Giant Rat, Giant Weasel, Mastiff, Mule, Poisonous Snake, Pony, Stirge
1/4 Axe Beak, Blink Dog, Boar, Constrictor Snake, Draft Horse, Elk, Giant Badger, Giant Bat, Giant Centipede, Giant Frog, Giant Lizard, Giant Owl, Giant Poisonous Snake, Giant Wolf Spider, Panther, Riding Horse, Sprite, Wolf
1/2 Ape, Black Bear, Crocodile, Giant Goat, Giant Sea Horse, Giant Wasp, Reef Shark, Satyr,Warhorse
1 Brown Bear, Dire Wolf, Dryad, Giant Eagle, Giant Hyena, Giant Octopus, Giant Spider, Giant Toad, Giant Vulture, Lion, Tiger
2 Giant Boar, Giant Constrictor Snake, Giant Elk, Hunter Shark, Plesiosaurus, Polar Bear, Rhinoceros, Saber-toothed Tiger, Sea Hag
3 Giant Scorpion, Green Hag, Killer Whale
4 Elephant
5 Giant Crocodile, Giant Shark
6 Mammoth
7 Giant Ape
8 Tyrannosaurus Rex


Is Conjure Fey Good?

Overall Rating: Orange. This means that conjure fey is an OK spell.

Overall Notes: There are some nasty fey creatures out there that you could summon with this spell. Unfortunately,  the risk that you'd lose control over that creature makes this spell too much of a gamble in most circumstances.