Weapon Master 5e

Published on July 17, 2023

Sharpen your blades and string your bows, it’s time to master your weapons!

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What Is Weapon Master 5e?

If your character wants to expand their arsenal of proficient weapons, Weapon Master is a feat that can help you achieve that.

How Does Weapon Master Work?

This feat allows you to increase your STR or DEX (making you more agile or stronger), and lets you gain proficiency with four weapons of your choice.

Is Weapon Master Good?

We gave Weapon Master a D Tier rating In our 5e Feats Tier List, making it an underwhelming feat in most cases.

Most builds that want to use a specific weapon have proficiency in that weapon. This isn’t even worth it as a half-feat.

If you’re looking for extra weapon proficiencies, it’s usually more worth it to multiclass into a class that has access to the weapon you’re looking for.

Which 5e Classes Make the Most of Weapon Master?

The color code below has been implemented to help you identify, at a glance, how good the Weapon Master 5e feat is for a specific class/subclass.

  • Red isn’t going to contribute to the effectiveness of your character build at all
  • Orange Situationally good, but a below-average option otherwise
  • Green is a good option
  • Blue is a great option, you should strongly consider this option for your character
  • Sky Blue is an amazing option. If you do not take this option your character would not be optimized

Artificer: You have access to simple weapons and that's all you need.

Barbarian: Barbarians get access to all weapon types they need.

Bard: This could maybe be useful if you wanted to stat into a bard with a bow with choosing the College of Valor.

Cleric: Any cleric subclass that might want martial weapons gets them as part of the subclass features.

Druid: Druids have no use for this feat.

Fighter: Fighters already have access to all weapon proficiencies.

Monk: Gaining a weapon proficiency won't make non-monk weapons work with Martial Arts, which makes this useless.

Paladin: Paladins already have access to all weapons they need.

Ranger: Rangers already have access to all weapons they need.

Rogue: Rogues can use this to gain access to heavy crossbows, though they're usually better off to just dip into fighters for a level.

Sorcerer: Sorcerers have no need for weapon proficiencies.

Warlock: Warlocks have no need for weapon proficiencies.

Wizard: Wizards have no need for weapon proficiencies.

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