Centaur 5e

Published on June 10, 2020

What are Centaur?

Centaur are half-human, half-horse creatures. They are considered fey instead of humanoid and tend to revere nature in all of its forms.

Centaur Traits

Ability Score Increase: +2 STR, +1 WIS is a fairly rare ability score, but it isn’t necessarily a sought after one. Most WIS based casters use DEX as their attack and AC modifiers.

Age: Aging at the same rate as humans is pretty standard.

Alignment:  Neutral alignment is less cut and dry than Good and Chaotic

Size: Medium

Speed: 40ft is the best walking movement speed out of any race.

Fey: Being the fey creature type allows you to avoid some pretty nasty spells, like Hold and Dominate Person. You are more susceptible to other spells, like Hallow and Protection from Evil and Good, but these aren’t as bad as the spells you gain immunity to.

Charge: This ability will likely net you a bonus attack with your Hooves at least once per encounter.

Hooves: an unarmed option is always nice.

Equine Build: The extra carrying capacity is nice, but the restrictions to climbing are very tough to navigate.

Survivor: None of these skills are particularly useful, but a free proficiency in survival could help a Ranger or Druid.

Languages: Common and Sylvan

Which Classes Work With Centaur?

Barbarian: the +2 to STR and the Charge ability are nice for Barbs.

Bard: Nothing for Bards here.

Cleric: Seeing as +2 to WIS are rare, the +1 will do here. A +2 to STR will help if you plan on wading (or galloping) into battle.

Druid: The WIS is nice, but the STR will go to waste. Also, Druids won’t have to deal with the climbing issues seeing as they can rely on wild shapes.

Fighter: the +2 to STR and the Charge ability are nice for Fighters.

Monk: Nothing for Monks here.

Paladin: the +2 to STR and the Charge ability are nice for Paladins.

Ranger: Decent racial bonuses, even better if you are going for a melee Ranger.

Rogue: Nothing for Rogues here.

Sorcerer: Nothing for Sorcerers here.

Warlock: Nothing for Warlocks here.

Wizard: Nothing for Wizards here.