Dice Dragons Product Spotlight: Draconic Guardian Metal Dice

Published on February 22, 2024

Today, we’re reviewing some ornate metal dice from Dice Dragons!

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What Are We Covering?

In today’s product highlight, we’re taking a look at an engraved metal dice set from Dice Dragons: the Draconic Guardian dice set.

Who are Dice Dragons?

Dice Dragons is a UK-based purveyor of premium gaming dice and tabletop gaming accessories, catering to a broad audience across D&D and other RPGs. Their offerings include acrylic and metal dice sets, dice trays, and other accessories like journals, dice holders, and even D&D-themed ties.

They have a wide variety of their namesake product, these metallic dragon-inspired dice, from Tiamat and Bahumat-inspired dice, to metallic scaled dice that represent a dragon’s hide.

Draconic Guardian DnD Dice Set

Forged from a durable zinc alloy, these dice are unique compared to other metal dice because of their hollow core. This makes them unique in three aspects:

  1. The intricate designs of a dragon holding the number appear more three-dimensional.
  2. The hollow zinc alloy produces a satisfying jingle when more than one are rolled in your hand together.
  3. They are lighter than solid metal dice but still heavier and more satisfying to roll than acrylic dice.

This set is comprised of seven polyhedral dice, the standard D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and a percentile D10. It also includes a carrying/store case which is perfect for displaying your dice between sessions.

The bronze sheen and intricate dragon engravings work incredibly well together. They look weathered like any good adventuring gear should, and the crossed swords that serve as supporting structures for the dragon design and number are a nice touch.

Even though they are lighter than solid dice, I’d still recommend rolling these into a dice tray. If not to protect the surface you’re rolling on, but to protect the dice’s intricate design. The hollow structure seems like it may be more susceptible to being broken than their solid metal counterparts.

The Verdict

The Draconic Guardian dice set from Dice Dragons are a magnificent addition to any TTRPGer’s dice arsenal. While they may not have the heft of solid metal dice, they offer a distinguished alternative to the common acrylic sets. Their balanced weight provides a satisfying roll that feels ‘just right’ in hand.

These dice are not only a joy to use but also an heirloom-quality collection that could grace your tabletop for years to come, provided they are treated with care.


These polished bronze dice are not only unique; they are an aesthetic addition to any dice collector’s arsenal.

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