dScryb Black Friday Sale: Arcane Eye Readers Save Over 40%

Published on November 20, 2023, Last modified on November 24th, 2023

Exciting news for verbacious Dungeon Masters and warrior poet players!

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The charming smell of wet ink and dusty parchment stirs the senses as you step through the open, ornamented, stained-glass door. Wax candles light a pathway through the store, winding past stacked books and loose pages.

Murphy V, dScryb

Save on an ENNIE Award-Winning Library of TTRPG Resources

dScryb, the online resource known for its library of immersive boxed text and TTRPG resources, has launched an early Black Friday sale for Arcane Eye readers. From now until Cyber Monday, November 27, use the code ARCANEEYE at checkout to unlock incredible discounts on their annual subscriptions.

Unbeatable Deals on Subscriptions

  • Celestial: Get access to everything, including the Sonic Library within Foundry VTT, for just $99 (43% off the regular price). This is the ultimate package for the most dedicated RPG masters.
  • Composer: For those who love to set the scene with sound, get access to the Sonic Library, including integration with Foundry VTT, for only $56 (43% off).
  • Hero: Dive into all the text and maps you need for your adventures for just $44 (43% off).
  • Player: Perfect for players, this subscription includes all player content, including the Combat Collection, for a mere $17 (43% off).

Explore the details of these subscription levels on the dScryb Store.

What is dScryb?

dScryb is an ENNIE award-winning tabletop roleplaying game publisher of everything you need to make your game more engaging. Specializing in vivid descriptions of places, monsters, spells, items, and characters, as well as scene-setting sounds and interactive maps, dScryb’s content is designed to immerse DMs and players in their sessions with epic fantasy narratives:

  • Scenes: Enhance campaigns with a range of settings, from peaceful grasslands to tense encounters with mythical creatures.
  • Sounds: The Sonic Library, filled with ambiances, music, and sound effects, sets the perfect mood for any scenario.
  • Maps: Offering interactive and detailed maps, like the free Village by a River, complete with sounds and boxed text, dScryb provides a visual foundation for adventures.

Its well-deserved acclaim stems from its time-saving capabilities, as well as its ability to offer inspiration to players and DMs. Accessible to everyone, from casual fans to expert DMs, dScryb offers both free and premium content, making it an extraordinarily useful tool in today’s digital TTRPG landscape. It even integrates with FoundryVTT, so you can easily incorporate the content into your game sessions.

Introducing the Combat Collection

For those who wield words as skillfully as weapons, dScryb has created the Combat Collection. This impressive compilation features over 1,000 descriptions of melee and ranged attacks. From the swift strikes of an elven Bladesinger to the cutting retorts of a tiefling bard, these descriptions cover an arsenal of weapons and fighting styles. Check out examples like First Note and Less Than a Second.

Below, you can catch a glimpse of the upcoming specialized UI for the combat collection, which will allow you to navigate the plethora of options quickly and easily, even when you’re in the heat of combat.

Revamped Audio Platform: Opus

The audio platform at dScryb, codenamed “Opus,” has been rebuilt from scratch and is currently in alpha, moving to beta soon. This new platform features Michael Ghelfi’s entire library, boasting over 3,000 ambiances, sound effects, and music tracks. It integrates seamlessly with Discord and Foundry VTT and is available to everyone with a Celestial or Composer subscription.

Don’t Miss Out on dScryb’s Black Friday Sale

This fantastic deal only lasts till Monday, November 27, so use the code ARCANEEYE to unlock over 40% off on your annual subscriptions!!

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