Understanding Carrying Capacity in D&D 5e

While the calculations for carrying capacity in D&D 5e are simple, there's a lot more than meets the eye when determining how much loot…

Monday January 15, 2024

Simple Weapons 5e

Explore the how simplicity can sometimes be best with our simple weapons guide for D&D 5e, featuring optimization tips for druids, monks, and more.

Monday January 15, 2024

Product Spotlight: Make Your Worlds Come to Life With dScryb’s Opus

dScryb's new soundscape-crafting tool can create an unparalleled TTRPG experience by combining gorgeous sounds with impeccably crafted boxed text, all accessible through an user-friendly…

Thursday January 11, 2024

A Guide to Official DnD 5e Adventure Modules (2024)

Looking for your next adventure module to run? In this article, we've broken down all of your options of official fifth edition adventures to…

Friday January 5, 2024

Paralyzed 5e

Explore the perilous effects of paralysis in D&D 5e, from combat to spellcasting, and learn tactical tips to handle this immobilizing condition.

Friday January 5, 2024

Divinely Favored Guide 5e

Unleash divine power in D&D 5e with the Divinely Favored feat! Find the perfect spells and classes for your celestial-empowered might.

Thursday December 28, 2023

Prone 5e

Fall with style in D&D 5e! Learn how the prone condition can be more than just an awkward moment in battle.

Wednesday December 27, 2023

Death Domain Cleric Guide 5e

Death Domain clerics in D&D 5e focus on dealing damage to enemies with melee weapons and necrotic damage instead of buffing and healing allies.

Wednesday December 27, 2023

Blindsight 5e

Unveil the unseen with blindsight in D&D 5e. Figure out how you can use it to your advantage, and strategies to navigate around creatures…

Tuesday December 19, 2023

Truesight 5e

Uncover the truth behind truesight in D&D 5e. Discover its mechanics, ways to gain it, tactical uses, and limitations.

Monday December 18, 2023