Fire Genasi Guide 5e

Tap into the Elemental Plane of Fire with the fire genasi! From fire resistance to some fun flaming spells, the fire genasi race can…

Monday January 2, 2023

Water Genasi Guide 5e

If your campaign is heading underwater, you'll be glad you built a character around the aquatic water genasi.

Tuesday December 27, 2022

Earth Genasi Guide 5e

These steadfast creatures make ideal martial characters, but their other uses may surprise you.

Tuesday December 27, 2022

Bladesinger Wizard Guide 5e

In this post, we will be examining the Bladsinger’s class features and how you can optimize your Bladsinger through choosing your race, background, ability…

Friday December 23, 2022

Blinded 5e

Despite how much fun Manfred Mann's Earth Band makes being "Blinded by the Light" out to be, it can be quite inconvenient in a…

Monday December 19, 2022

Climbing Speed 5e

If you're looking to add a bit of vertical movement to your D&D 5e repertoire, good ol' fashion climbing may be the best way…

Saturday December 17, 2022

Song of Rest 5e

Are you a bard looking for a way to give your party an extra edge on those long adventuring days? If so, look no…

Monday December 5, 2022

Offhand Attack 5e

We love the idea of dual-wielding weapons. Legolas and his twin blades, Kratos and his Chaos blades, heck, even dual pistols, are a typical…

Thursday December 1, 2022

Dragonlance 5e Review: Shadow of the Dragon Queen

Beyond its deadly foes, epic battles, and dragon-filled world, Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen contains an epic adventure with interesting and unique new…

Tuesday November 22, 2022

Lunar Sorcery Sorcerer Guide 5e

Lunar Sorcerers are a new subclass introduced in Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen. With a huge additional spell list and powerful subclass features,…

Tuesday November 22, 2022