Escape from Mt. Balefor

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What’s Included

Escape from Mt. Balefor is a self-contained 8-10 hour 5e adventure for three to five 5th-level characters. This premium module contains a full three-part story, battle maps, and NPC stat blocks.

Your Mission

Your party of wood elves will start in the mines and have to sneak and backstab their way to freedom. There are a number of chances to choose your path, whether you plan to avoid fighting or want to kill every last high elf in the mines.

There will also be a number of ways to affect the world around you if you choose to continue the story after the party escapes from the mines.


14 reviews for Escape from Mt. Balefor

  1. Bethany

    Brilliantly designed! I absolutely loved this storyline. It fit beautifully into the campaign I am currently running. The incredible detail and the amount of information that came with it was perfect! I want more…please make more! It is a great way to give me as a DM a small break in the intensive creation and planning that I usually do weekly.

  2. David Alexander

    Great adventure and adaptable. In my world, the High Elves enslaved the newest race to Chryse (the humans), mostly through enchantment, as opposed to main force, so some adaption was necessary, but not difficult.

  3. Linda Crawford

    I’ve read it and it looks like a lot of fun. We haven’t played it yet. I have a long time group that 2/6 of the group was on hiatus, and I was doing some 1-2 session mini-campaigns with the other 4. This is still on the list to do. I’ll let you know after they play. It looks like fun to me.

  4. Martin Wyatt

    Just change the races and it’s applicable to almost any game. Easy to use and loads of fun.

  5. Kostas

    Read, not played yet.
    Nicely written, will be an enjoyable session for sure. Thanks a lot!

  6. Luskan

    Good Adventure

  7. Marc

    Loved the module. Wish there were more single character adventures

  8. Sean Marshall

    I did get this downloaded. It took awhile as Google gave me problems scanning it for viruses. However, customer service followed up and I got it. Really well written and I can hardly wait to start the adventure!

  9. Scott

    Great adventure! Haven’t played it yet, but it looks really tight and I think my group will like this. Thank you very much!

  10. Bill Sikkens

    Great ready to go adventure. We were able to get this up and running quickly and it made for 2 great sessions. It was really nice to have something that worked out of the box!

  11. James

    Really great game. I got my friend to do this for his first DM experience. He had it but the scope was too much for a first timer. Excellently designed and intriguing adventure. You can be a bit OP with a few subclasses like a Soulknife rogue and other innate non magical abilities. All said and done still a 5 lol

    • Mike Bernier

      I agree that this may not be beginner DM friendly as Stealth Initiative adds a layer of complexity.

      Glad you liked it!

  12. Michael Beauchemin

    Seems like a really fun short adventure (1-3 sessions). Really looking forward to running it, but based on reading it through, it’s something a little different from your usual D&D fare and even has a little replayability with the same group so they can explore the path not taken with new characters. Would be a really good jumping off point for a campaign that ends up being a little longer, as it gives a compelling reason for the characters to continue adventuring – defeating their captors and freeing their people. Reasonably priced for what’s being offered.

  13. Dawson Snyder

    Great adventure. Could be the start of an entire series of adventures. I had to cut the enemy numbers by 3 because I did a solo adventure but it turned out really fun. Hopefully, there is somewhat of a sequel to the adventure. maybe something to do with the war between the wood and high elves. that would be really fun. Great adventure but I would not recommend it to beginners because of the complexity of the stealth initiative.

  14. Arolee

    I am very new to the whole RPG playing. I really liked the completeness of the story/adventure. Haven’t played it yet, but hope to soon. I would like to have seen paper minis included. That would have been nice.

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