Escape from Mt. Balefor

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What’s Included

Escape from Mt. Balefor is a self-contained 8-10 hour adventure for three to five 5th level characters. This premium module contains a full three-part story, battle maps, and NPC stat blocks.

Your Mission

Your party of Wood Elves will start in the mines and have to sneak and backstab their way to freedom. There are a number of chances to choose your path, whether you plan to avoid fighting or want to kill every last High Elf in the mines.

There will also be a number of ways to affect the world around you if you choose to continue the story after the party escapes from the mines.


6 reviews for Escape from Mt. Balefor

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    Brilliantly designed! I absolutely loved this storyline. It fit beautifully into the campaign I am currently running. The incredible detail and the amount of information that came with it was perfect! I want more…please make more! It is a great way to give me as a DM a small break in the intensive creation and planning that I usually do weekly.

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    David Alexander

    Great adventure and adaptable. In my world, the High Elves enslaved the newest race to Chryse (the humans), mostly through enchantment, as opposed to main force, so some adaption was necessary, but not difficult.

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    Linda Crawford

    I’ve read it and it looks like a lot of fun. We haven’t played it yet. I have a long time group that 2/6 of the group was on hiatus, and I was doing some 1-2 session mini-campaigns with the other 4. This is still on the list to do. I’ll let you know after they play. It looks like fun to me.

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    Martin Wyatt

    Just change the races and it’s applicable to almost any game. Easy to use and loads of fun.

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    Read, not played yet.
    Nicely written, will be an enjoyable session for sure. Thanks a lot!

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    Good Adventure

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