Gathering Darkness: Whisperwind


What’s Included

Gathering Darkness: Whisperwind is a self-contained 6-7 hour adventure for the 5e system and is meant for four or five 3rd-level characters. This premium module contains:

  • A complete story, battle maps, and custom NPC stat blocks
  • Random encounters for entering houses in a haunted village
  • A new mechanic called Blight which affects creatures based on their exposure to the horrors of Whisperwind
  • A table of Lingering Effects that reflect the influence of the Dark on Whisperwind’s inhabitants

The is the first adventure in the Gathering Darkness Anthology.

The Setting

This adventure takes place in the cursed coastal village of Whisperwind, a place stuck in a perpetual state of twilight. Once a thriving hub for fishing and trading, Whisperwind now exists in a place beyond time and space. Those unfortunate enough to end up there can come from any plane and any period of time – past, present, or future.

Not much is known about the cursed village. In fact, most people are not even aware of its existence, and those that have heard of it often believe it to be a fairytale created to scare children. What they do know is this: once you enter Whisperwind, you may never leave.

What they may not know is that inhabitants of Whisperwind do not die of natural causes and may live forever if they are not killed by other means. Instead, prolonged exposure to Whisperwind can have radical effects on the body and mind. The strongest willed may be unaffected, while the weak may lose their minds or be consumed by the terrible sickness known only as blight…

Your Mission

Uncover the mysteries of Whisperwind, survive the horrors that attempt to drag you into the Dark, and escape alive with your sanity intact.



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