The Heroes of Karatheon

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What’s Included

Heroes of Karatheon is a self-contained 6-7 hour 5e adventure for three to five 5th-level characters. This premium module includes:

  • A full three-part story that evolves based on the players’ performance and choices
  • Battle maps and custom NPC stat blocks
  • New rules for chariot racing, a 4-stage relay race, and a “capture the flag” encounter 
  • A random table for 6 fleshed out Greek mythology-style encounters

Your Mission

A terrifying beast stalks the surrounding area of the port polis of Karatheon, destroying crops and endangering the lives of its citizens. The ruler of Karatheon, Archelaos Cirillo, has organized a tournament to crown a champion, bestowing upon them his blessing to slay the beast. Face off against other adventuring parties in the Colosseum, traverse the dangerous wilderness of the world of Korinthos, and hunt the beast in the mountains it calls home to claim eternal glory.


6 reviews for The Heroes of Karatheon

  1. Bill Sikkens

    This adventure was really a lot of fun. It was also different. It includes a tournament which works well with D&D rules. The rest of the adventure has a lot of options based on outcome and they work well. The included maps made it really easy to use online but it would be great tabletop too.

  2. Ezekiel Swartz

    A great expansion that would work well with any existing or homebrew setting, such as Mythic Odyssey of Theros or Odyssey of the Dragon Lords. The tournament rules (chariot race) rules are particularly inspiring since that was a huge part of the stuff i liked about those old heroic era movies and stories. The included material makes it easy to adapt to tabletop or online.

  3. Ashley Barnes

    We’ve only played part 1 so far, but it was so much fun! We’re really looking forward to doing the rest of the campaign. I just wish the campaign were a bit longer because it will probably only last us three sessions in total. We want more! This campaign is expertly written and I will absolutely be buying more campaigns from Arcane Eye.

  4. SC

    I have not yet had a chance to play this with the group, but it really looks promising! It’s a short and sweet adventure, well written and contains all the info I need to incorporate this into our game. The Greek influence is incorporated nicely into the adventure.

  5. Noah

    I loved it for the most part, I wished it was a little less choppy in its transition from one scene to another but I loved everything else.

  6. Less Thornton

    Very fun game to run with my friends, they really enjoyed it. I love Greek mythology and was super excited to find a game around it.

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