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Monday June 1, 2020

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Monday June 1, 2020

2‑Minute Tabletop Interview

We recently had the pleasure of talking to one of our favorite content creators in the world of Dungeons & Dragons, Ross McConnell. For…

Friday April 17, 2020

Feature Your Project on Arcane Eye

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Wednesday March 25, 2020

The Best Way to Run an Online DnD Session

Sometimes online DnD is necessary because of timing, geography, or global pandemics

Wednesday March 18, 2020

Wizard Guide 5e

In this post, we will be examining the wizard’s class features and how you can optimize your wizard through choosing your race, background, ability…

Thursday March 5, 2020

How to Run a DnD One‑Shot

One-shots are a great way to introduce new mechanics, try out classes you've been neglecting, or explore settings you haven't dared venture in a…

Wednesday February 5, 2020

Spirit Guardians Guide 5e

You call forth spirits to protect you. They flit around you to a distance of 15 feet for the duration. If you are good…

Tuesday February 4, 2020

A Player’s Guide to Skill Checks in DnD 5e

Skill checks are a massive part of DnD 5e, both in combat and outside of combat. Are you using your character's skills to the…

Monday January 13, 2020

Choosing the Right Music For Your Campaign

Playing music or ambient sounds can do a lot to enhance the immersiveness of your campaign, but it can also ruin an important moment.…

Tuesday November 12, 2019