Observant 5e

Published on March 12, 2022, Last modified on April 4th, 2022

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Observant provides a fair amount of utility for a half-feat. Being able to read lips is extremely beneficial while sneaking or playing in political campaigns.

The +5 to passive Perception and Investigation is always useful, though the obscure rules around passive skills may prevent this feat from providing as much as a benefit as it should. Adding +1 WIS at the end of all of these utility buffs makes this feat a great pickup for any builds concerned with WIS.

Artificer: +1 to INT will help here if you take the variant human race at 1st level and have an odd INT score. +5 to passive perception and investigation will help if you're scouting ahead for the party or need to investigate your tinkering.

Rogue: +5 to passive Perception and Investigation is a solid boost when you're planning on leading the party through dangerous terrain. On top of that, you can read lips which will be useful when on an infiltration mission. Increasing your INT or WIS by 1 isn't the most exciting ASI and holds this back from being a truly excellent feat for rogues.

Wizard: A +1 to INT and +5 bonuses to passive Perception and Investigation make this a good feat for wizards.

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