Conjure Minor Elementals

4th level Conjuration
Casting Time
1 Minute
90 Feet
Concentration, up to 1 hour

Spell Description

You summon elementals that appear in unoccupied spaces that you can see within range. You choose one the following options for what appears:

  • One elemental of challenge rating 2 or lower
  • Two elementals of challenge rating 1 or lower
  • Four elementals of challenge rating 1/2 or lower
  • Eight elementals of challenge rating 1/4 or lower.

An elemental summoned by this spell disappears when it drops to 0 hit points or when the spell ends.

The summoned creatures are friendly to you and your companions. Roll initiative for the summoned creatures as a group, which has its own turns. They obey any verbal commands that you issue to them (no action required by you). If you don’t issue any commands to them, they defend themselves from hostile creatures, but otherwise take no actions.

The GM has the creatures’ statistics.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using certain higher-level spell slots, you choose one of the summoning options above, and more creatures appear: twice as many with a 6th-level slot and three times as many with an 8th-level slot.

Sample Elementals

CR Monster
1/4 Steam Mephit
1/2 Dust Mephit, Ice Mephit, Magma Mephit, Magmin
2 Azer, Gargoyle

Is Conjure Minor Elementals Good?

Overall Rating: Blue. This means that conjure minor elementals is a great spell and you should strongly consider this spell for your character.

Overall Notes: You can summon the same CR creatures as conjure animals for a spell slot higher, but elementals usually have interesting effects that can be helpful in specific situations. Like conjure animals, your DM gets final say on the summoned creature, but if you make a reasonable request and have a reasonable DM this is a great tool to improve the action economy for your party.