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Published on June 22, 2020, Last modified on July 20th, 2020

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In this product review, we will be covering two dice sets sent to us from Awesome Dice: the Triton Emerald-Silver Metal Dice Set and the River at Dusk 7-Dice Set.

What is Awesome Dice?

Awesome Dice is a premier online dice store and one of the best places to buy dice sets online. They carry a vast selection of really cool sets that range from 7 dice sets (for D&D) to other, more niche TTRPGs like World of Darkness or Shadowrun.

They also have a ton of dice accessories like Dice Boxes, for those who are sick and tired of flinging dice off the table, and Dice Bags, for those that need a way to carry around their unwieldy piles of dice.

How do the dice hold up?

River at Dusk Acrylic Set


The River at Dusk acrylic set are a two-toned, opaque dice. The body of the dice are blue and gold, with the numbers sporting a similar, but slightly lighter gold coloring.. The amount of blue and gold varies somewhat drastically between dice, but for swirl patterned dice this is expected.

I think these dice are absolutely gorgeous. The blue and gold work very well together and provide a “mystical” sort of feel. The body of the dice appears to also have glitter of some sort, which accentuates the mystical feel.

The dice are slightly transparent when they have a backlight, which I like way more than completely solid or completely transparent dice.


The lines are indented and very precise. The only inconsistencies in the set were found on the d6.

Edges, Weight, and Size

The edges are classically rounded, and the size and weight are similar to standard dice found on other major retailers.

Triton Emerald-Silver Metal Dice Set

The Triton Emerald-Silver Metal Dice have a shiny silver finish with a glittery green inlay. The numbers are inked black for increased readability.

The beauty of these dice lies in the green inlay. It has a rough, textured look that gives the impression of a precious stone. Some would say it’s even emerald-like (gasp).

The dice came in a black aluminum case with the Awesome Dice logo. There is a padded insert with spaces for all of the dice.

The d6 has the most green texture and is therefore my favorite, but the shape of the green inlay doesn’t feel as natural on the other dice. This is likely a product of the fact that a d6 has a lot more space to play with than the rest of the set. Overall, the dice are stunning to look at while still being easily legible at a glance.


The lines are slightly indented and amazingly crisp on all of the dice.

Edges, Weight and Size

The edges of these dice are quite sharp, especially the d20, d10, d100, and d12. The edges appear to be filed down a bit more on the d4, d8, and d6.

The dice have a very nice weight to them, as is expected with any quality metal dice. I much prefer to play with metal dice as they provide a more satisfying roll than acrylic. That being said, if you are tight for space or rolling on a wood table I would suggest getting a rolling tray as they will need a bit of a runway to get a solid roll and could damage wooden surfaces.

The dice are a similar size to the classic 7 dice sets out there. In my experience, metal dice are the most likely to be oversized, but this is not the case in this set.


Shipping is more important these days than it ever was before. Shipping times are very up in the air and it is hard to say if my experience will be reflective of the typical experience.

Awesome Dice is located in Dothan, Alabama and we operate out of Toronto, Canada. With that said, the dice took just over two weeks (including a 5-day quarantine at Toronto Pearson Airport) to arrive at my doorstep.

We ran a giveaway on Instagram and the winner was located in Colorado, and the shipping time was around 8 days. Again, this might be far off of typical shipping times due to current events. 

The packaging we received was adequate for the product. A padded cardboard envelope and a plastic bag were used for the acrylic dice, and shrink wrap protected the case for the metal dice. These days, as we are all trying to do our part to reduce one-use plastics, it would be nice to see a switch towards a more sustainable solution, but of course, ensuring the protection of the product is also important.

What is the Verdict?

Overall, the quality of the dice was exactly what you would expect from a premier dice retailer. I am very pleased with both sets and will be using them in my future TTRPG adventures.

I would recommend Awesome Dice to anybody who is looking to start out with a personalized set of acrylic dice or wants to upgrade to some luxurious gemstone dice.

Mike Bernier

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