Product Spotlight: Metallic Dice Games

Published on July 20, 2020, Last modified on August 26th, 2020

We reviewed the Stardust Galaxy 16mm Polyhedral Dice Set and the Copper with Black Enamel 16mm Polyhedral Dice Set sent to us by Metallic Dice Games!

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In this product spotlight, we will be covering two dice sets sent to us from Metallic Dice Games: the Stardust Galaxy 16mm Polyhedral Dice Set as well as two d20s from their Antique line: one from the Copper with Black Enamel 16mm Polyhedral Dice Set and a Gold with Red Enamel 16mm that is not available on their site at the time of writing.

What is Metallic Dice Games?

Established in 2014, Metallic Dice Games originally only carried Metal Dice sets. They have since expanded their store to include Gemstone, Acrylic, and other unique dice sets.

They continue to innovate in the gaming dice space with their Kickstarter for Elixir Dice launched on June 18th, 2020. Elixir Dice are hand-crafted, sharp-edged liquid core dice. For more information, check out their Kickstarter page.

How do the dice hold up?

Stardust Galaxy 16mm Polyhedral Dice Set

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The aptly named “Stardust” set are an opalescent, semi-transparent design. The body of the dice is a beautiful gradient that ranges from blue to purple. The pattern itself is fairly consistent between dice.

Let me say that these are freaking gorgeous. when I play D&D with these, I frequently find myself getting lost in the nebulous pattern, especially when they are well lit. 

The cosmic pattern is bolstered by the faint sparkles that are interspersed in the dice and make them look super “spacy”; great for a trip to the Ethereal Plane. 

The dice get washed out if too powerful of a light is present, though that won’t be too much of an issue unless you are playing outside during the daytime.


The lines are indented and painted white. They are extremely precise and consistent across all 7 of the dice that came in this set.

Edges, Weight, and Size

The edges are classically rounded, and the size and weight are similar to standard dice found on other major retailers.

The Roll

These dice, as is typical for 16mm acrylic dice, roll well without much lead up:


The dice come in a semi-hard plastic shell that snaps close. The shell is definitely sturdy enough to throw in a bag and take to and from games which is nicer than carrying them in a plastic baggy that might wear out and rip.

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Antique Metal Dice

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The Antique dice have a distressed metallic edging and a shiny, enameled inlay. The numbers are raised and share a color with the edging.

These dice really nail the Antique look. From the distressed edging to the serif font, they look distinctly “old school” in the best way possible. Out of the two, I think I just prefer the gold and red die over the copper and black die, mainly because it has been aptly named Diewin Lannister.


The numbers are raised, which provides the dice with an awesome texture. They have a thematically appropriate font while remaining easily legible.

Edges, Weight and Size

The edges of these dice are sharp, but not overly sharp. The edges have not been filed down as that would be unnecessary but these would still definitely hurt to step on!

The dice are a bit larger than a classic 16mm Acrylic d20 due to the metallic edging. I really like the size and weight of these dice as they feel particularly sturdy to roll, while not being overly large and cumbersome. Even though they aren’t oversized, I would still recommend rolling these onto a rolling tray if you don’t want to scratch up the table you are playing on.

I did notice on the gold and red dice that there were some inconsistencies. It appears as though the enamel is slightly off from the edging, it’s not a huge deal (it looks more like a shadow than anything) just something I noticed when taking a close look. If anything, it adds to the Antique theme that these are trying to achieve.

The Roll

As these dice are heavier, the lead up to the roll will need to be more exaggerated to get a solid “tumble”. Here is the dice dropped pretty much straight down:

As you can see, the dice only really rolls once or twice when it hits the surface. This shows how important rolling trays are for metal dice because the sides allow for a more randomized roll and more lead up. If I were to roll this on a wooden surface it was either mark the surface or not have enough momentum to get a solid roll.

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The shipping was quite slow for these, close to a month in total. It’s hard to say whether this is typical due to current events and the fact that they were shipped internationally (from the USA to Canada).

What is the Verdict?

Overall, I am very pleased with the quality and aesthetics of these dice! They are a great addition to my collection and if I go looking for more gaming dice in the future I will certainly consider purchasing from Metallic Dice Gaming. 

Mike Bernier

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