Oath of Vengeance Paladin Guide 5e

In this guide, we’ll be covering all the aspects of the Oath of Vengeance Paladins in D&D 5e. The pros and cons of each…

Tuesday February 1, 2022

Hexblade Warlock Guide 5e

In this post, we will be examining the Hexblade warlock’s class features and how you can optimize your Hexblade warlock through choosing your race,…

Thursday January 27, 2022

A Guide to the 5e Warlock’s Eldritch Invocations

The Warlock's invocations make them one of the most customizable 5e classes. Optimizing these abilities are paramount to creating a powerfully unique Warlock build.

Monday January 24, 2022

How Does Jump Work in 5e?

Jumping is an important movement mechanism for any game and D&D is no different. As always, look before you leap.

Friday January 21, 2022

Strixhaven: A Syllabus of Sorcery Has Gone Platinum!

Our companion book to Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos has sold more than 1,000 copies!

Tuesday January 18, 2022

Wild Shape 5e

Wild Shape is a versatile ability that can make your Druid effective in just about any situation. Whether you find yourself in a combat,…

Monday January 17, 2022

Mind Sliver Guide 5e

You drive a disorienting spike of psychic energy into the mind of one creature you can see within range. The target must succeed on…

Sunday January 16, 2022

What Exactly Are Hit Dice in 5e?

When Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition was released, Wizards of the Coast brought back Hit Dice. Hit Dice were originally scrapped in favor of…

Monday December 20, 2021

D&D Christmas Adventures and Ideas

We've compiled a bunch of resources to help those looking for a festive D&D Christmas session this season!

Saturday December 18, 2021

Rogue Guide 5e

In this post, we will be examining the rogue’s class features and how you can optimize your rogue through choosing your race, background, ability…

Sunday December 12, 2021