Dragon’s Wrath Weapon

Published on March 10, 2023, Last modified on March 16th, 2023

Are you searching for a powerful artifact to instill fear and dread in your foes? Look no further than the dragon-themed weapon with explosive properties known as the Dragon’s Hoard Weapon!

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What is a Dragon’s Wrath Weapon?

Introduced in Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, a Dragon’s Wrath Weapon is a special kind of magic weapon that gains power from the time it’s spent in a dragon’s hoard. It can be any type of weapon and, depending on the dragon of which the hoard belongs, can deal different types of damage.

The Dragon’s Wrath Weapon can be adorned with dragon heads, claws, wings, scales, or Draconic letters—anything you want to make it feel more dragon-y. This weapon’s unique property is its ability to absorb the energy of a dragon’s breath weapon when steeped in a dragon’s hoard. The absorbed energy allows the weapon to deal damage of the same type with its special properties.

A Note on Hoard Weapons

Certain magical items in Dungeons & Dragons can absorb the ambient magic of a dragon’s hoard, and the more powerful the dragon, the more powerful the item can become. These items, called hoard items, have four states: Slumbering, Stirring, Wakened, and Ascendant.

A hoard item in its Slumbering state has basic properties, but gains additional properties as it enters the Stirring, Wakened, or Ascendant state. The age of the dragon’s hoard determines the maximum state a hoard item can reach, with the oldest dragons’ hoards containing the most powerful magic.

Dragon’s Wrath Weapon Variations

Like all hoard magic items, Dragon’s Wrath Weapons have several variations, with each level having increased power and damage capabilities:

  • The Slumbering variation is uncommon and deals damage to any creature within 5 feet of the target when you crit on an attack roll.
  • The Stirring variation is rare and provides a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls while also dealing an extra 1d6 damage of the same type dealt by the dragon’s breath weapon.
  • The Wakened variation is very rare and offers a higher bonus of +2 to attack and damage rolls, while also increasing the extra damage dealt by the weapon to 2d6. Additionally, it provides a special ability where you can use your action to blast enemies with a 30-foot cone of whatever element your weapon is infused with. Enemies in that area of effect must succeed on a DC 16 Dexterity saving throw or take 8d6 elemental damage, or half as much on a successful save.
  • The Ascendant weapon is legendary and the most powerful of the variations. It has all of the previous properties with an even higher bonus of +3 to attack and damage rolls, and extra damage of 3d6.  Its area of effect attack is also upgraded to a 60-foot cone, a whopping 12d6 damage, and a saving throw of DC 18.

Best Weapon Type for a Dragon’s Wrath Weapon

While this weapon can be any damage type, it doesn’t make sense for it to be a ranged weapon as the Slumbering version’s ability will be significantly nerfed.

Other than that, any melee weapon could work well. The main difference would be which feats you want to use with your weapon, so we’ll explore some combinations below:

Polearm MasterBeing able to procc an opportunity attack when creatures enter your reach will result in more attacks and more 20s being rolled. It might make sense to choose a polearm without reach, like a spear, so that if you roll a 20 you can damage enemies you’re in combat with.

Elven AccuracyIf you’re an elf who likes to fight in close combat, picking up the Elven Accuracy feat and a finesse version of a Dragon’s Wrath Weapon can result in an awesome combo. This ability gives you “super advantage” where you get to roll attacks with advantage three times, making rolling a 20 all the more likely.

Best Classes for a Dragon’s Wrath Weapon

Wondering if this wicked weapon is right for your character, let’s take a look at which builds will make the best use of this destructive force! 

FightersThe best option for this weapon would be a fighter, as they get access to more attacks than any other class. and therefore are most likely to roll a 20 and proc the Slumbering version’s effect. They could also use their Action Surge to activate the Wakened variation’s AoE attack and still get off multiple attacks in a round. 

Barbarians: Barbarian’s love to get up close and personal with enemies, which will make it all the more effective when they roll a 20 and get to blast their surrounding enemies with elemental damage.

Rogues: With Steady Aim and the ability to attack from hidden positions, rogues are more likely to be able to get advantage on attacks, thereby increasing the change they’ll roll a 20.

Unleash Your Wrath

These weapons are ideal for any melee combatants seeking to dominate the battlefield and vanquish their foes. So, what are you waiting for? All you have to do is invade the lair of a dangerous, mythological beast, grab a weapon, and try it out!

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