New Adventure: Escape from Mt. Balefor

Published on October 29, 2020

Escape from the mines of Mt. Balefor in our newest, stealth-based D&D 5e adventure

What is Escape from Mt. Balefor?

Escape from Mt. Balefor is a self-contained 8-10 hour adventure for three to five 5th level characters. This premium module contains a full three-part story, battle maps, and NPC statblocks.

Escape from Mt. Balefor is meant to emulate the experience found in stealth-based games like Dishonored and Assassin’s Creed. It relies heavily on a new mechanic called Stealth Initiative which can be found in the appendix of the adventure.  The main goal of this module and Stealth Initiative is to make your players think outside the box and use their environment to gain the upper hand on enemies that may overwhelm them if approached head-on.

You can purchase Escape from Mt. Balefor here for $4.99 or sign up for our newsletter to receive a free copy. Enjoy!

Mike Bernier

Mike Bernier

Mike Bernier is the lead content writer and founder of Arcane Eye. Outside of writing for Arcane Eye, Mike spends most of his time playing games, hiking with his girlfriend, and tending the veritable jungle of houseplants that have invaded his house. He is the author of Escape from Mt. Balefor and continually strives to help players and DMs have fun playing D&D. Mike specializes in character creation guides for players, homebrewed mechanics and tips for DMs, and one-shots with unique settings and scenarios.

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