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Published on June 1, 2020, Last modified on October 19th, 2021

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What are Product Spotlights?

If you are trying to promote a product in the TTRPG industry, Product Spotlights are great ways to get the word out!

Product Spotlights are in-depth reviews on a product of your choosing. When sponsoring a Product Spotlight, we review the received product to the best of our ability which may mean pointing out potential flaws in your product. This may seem harsh, especially for a paid review, but in reality it proves to our audience that our reviews are trustworthy.

Before Product Spotlights are published, they will be sent to your team for approval.

We have done Product Spotlights for a number of big names in the TTRPG industry, you can view past Product Spotlights below:

What is the cost of Product Spotlights?

Each product included in the review costs $150 USD.

What do I get as part of a Product Spotlights?

After we post the review to our site, we will send out the link via our distribution channels. As of Feb 2021, our distributions channel’s reach are as follows:

  • Newsletter – over 5,000 subscribers
  • Instagram – over 1,400 followers
  • Twitter – over 700 followers

Why advertise with Arcane Eye?

Arcane Eye is a content creation site that focuses on the D&D 5e niche. Here is some information about our traffic:

Monthly Sessions

On a given month, Arcane Eye averages:

  • Over 340,000 pageviews
  • Over 297,000 unique sessions
  • Over 4 minutes time spent on page per session

User Demographic

Our demographic includes:

  • Age
    • 25-34 (42%)
    • 18-24 (40%
    • 35-44 (9%)
    • 45-53 (5%)
    • 55-64 (2%)
    • 65+ (2%)
  • Gender
    • Males (80%)
    • Female (20%)
  • Geography
    • United States (61%)
    • UK (8%)
    • Canada (8%)
    • Everywhere else (24%)

If your target market matches these demographics, advertising with Arcane Eye will be a great way to reach your audience!

I am ready to start advertising with Arcane Eye, how do I start?

Head over to our contact page and submit a request. Once we get your message we will reach out with any additional items required!

This post was sponsored by Arcane Eye!

Arcane Eye is a site focused on providing useful tips and tricks to all those involved in the world of D&D. While their content will be focusing specifically on the 5th Edition, it can readily be applied to all other editions of D&D or other tabletop role-playing games!

You can check out their 5e compatible adventures here.

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Mike Bernier is the lead content writer and founder of Arcane Eye. He is a Adamantine best-selling author of Strixhaven: A Syllabus of Sorcery on DMs Guild and is a contributing author at D&D Beyond. Follow Mike on Twitter.

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