Best Feats for Druids 5e

Published on February 20, 2023, Last modified on April 4th, 2024

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Customizing Your D&D Druid With Feats

Druids are powerful and versatile spellcasters in Dungeons & Dragons, capable of calling upon the forces of nature to shape the battlefield and heal their allies. However, druids aren’t limited to just spells; They can also transform into powerful beasts, command animals, and even summon elementals to fight by their side. Beyond other character creation options, like choosing their race or background, druids further enhance their versatility with a variety of feats to gain new abilities or improve their existing ones.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best feats for druids in D&D 5e, so you can make the most out of your character’s unique powers.

What is this guide?

This guide is meant as a deep dive into the best feats for the 5e druid. For the full overview of the class, check out our druid class guide.

To allow you to scan through the options quickly, we use the following color rating scheme:

  • Red isn’t going to contribute to the effectiveness of your character build at all
  • Orange Situationally good, but a below-average option otherwise
  • Green is a good option
  • Blue is a great option, you should strongly consider this option for your character
  • Sky Blue is an amazing option. If you do not take this option your character would not be optimized

Amazing Feats for Druids

  • Fey Touched: Misty step is a great spell that druids don’t normally gain access to. Plus, you get to increase your WIS. This is a go-to option if you end up with an odd WIS score after character creation. For the spell choice, pretty much all of the options could work. Wild Shape-focused druids will love hunter's mark before they wild shape, caster druids can choose from bless to buff their party or silvery barbs/dissonant whispers for more damage/debuff focused spells.

Great Feats for Druids

  • Eldritch Adept: Great option to pick up Armor of Shadows for a free mage armor whenever you want it.
  • Keenness of the Stone Giant: Pump Wisdom, grab darkvision, and get access to an incredibly powerful bonus action ability. Plus, there are a bunch of Wild Shape forms that can throw rocks, which makes the bonus action useable even when transformed. This also combos extremely well with the magic stone cantrip.
  • Magic Initiate: This feat is a good choice if you pick wizard as the class from which you draw spells. The tried and tested find familiar as your 1st level spell lets you deliver touch spells and give Help actions to players. The version of find familiar you can get through magic initiate is much better than the one you get through Wild Companion because it sticks around indefinitely and doesn't take a precious Wild Shape. Firebolt or shocking grasp for the cantrips nicely fill out your damage. If you are going to be a ranged caster Druid, this is certainly a worthwhile pickup once you max your WIS to make sure you can still do reasonable damage even if you start to run out of spell slots.
  • Metamagic Adept: Offers some exciting synergies with the sorcerer’s metamagic ability. You could get Twinned Spell to improve one of the druid's many buffs or a healing spells, or Quickened Spell to cast a powerful heal and still attack.
  • Observant: Seeing as druids are already stacked into WIS, this can take their passive Perception to the next level. This can be helpful for druids that are taking on more of a stealth/scout role for the party. It certainly doesn't hurt that it also offers +1 to your WIS modifier.
  • Righteous Heritor: This is a solid way to effectively heal your party as a reaction.
  • Rune Shaper: Druids sorely lack 1st-level damage spells, so grabbing chromatic orb, inflict wounds, and burning hands can help your damage output. Also, Wild Shape-focused druids will love armor of Agathys.
  • Scion of the Outer Planes: Both chill touch or sacred flame are going to be nice bonuses in your cantrip repertoire that sorely lacks damage spells.
  • Telekinetic: Druids don't normally get access to mage hand so this plus the WIS ASI is solid value. Druids don't have a particularly important use for their bonus action so this provides nice action economy and battlefield control.

Good Feats for Druids

  • Agent of Order: Outputting some extra damage and restraining enemies is a pretty decent boost to a druid's array of abilities, and the free ability score increase is a nice bonus.
  • Baleful Scion: This is a solid way to keep your druid healed up so they can use their healing resources elsewhere.
  • Chef: It's on flavor for a druid to hunt and cook their own natural meals, and they can benefit from either WIS or CON stat boost. You need to be mindful of how you plan on snacking while in Wild Shape form, as you might not have thumbs or pockets.
  • Gift of the Gem Dragon: Good defensive ability, plus you get to boost Wisdom. Circle of the Moon druids will love this as a way to boost their damage.
  • Gift of the Metallic Dragon: Druids don't normally get shield so this is a solid defensive boost. The free cure wounds is meh, but you can't complain about free healing.
  • Lucky: Lucky is a feat that is useful to any character, but is less good for spellcasters.
  • Outlands Envoy: While an ASI and a free casting of misty step and tongues isn't terrible for druids, Fey Touched is going to provide more value.
  • Resilient: Druids gain access to plenty of powerful concentration spells and have a relatively weak AC, making them prime candidates for failing Concentration checks. If you're playing a Circle of the Moon druid, it's probably best for you to take War Caster over this feat, but other builds can't go wrong with a bonus to CON and CON saves.
  • Shadow Touched: In most cases, druids make excellent reconnaissance party members. They can use wild shape to blend in with stealth or support their team with a wide variety of utility spells. This feat delivers both of those things, though I wouldn’t say it’s an absolute need. If you don’t want to be a more supportive player, or if you prefer to be in wild shape, I’d skip this feat.
  • Shield Master: Surprisingly enough, druids actually have a bit of synergy with Shield Master. While they typically like to keep their distance and pump WIS for spellcasting and DEX for AC, so the Shove bonus action will go unused, the DEX saving throws buffs are actually quite beneficial. Because of their high DEX, both of the DEX saving throw features can go a long way to helping the survivability of your druid. Keep in mind that wielding a shield WILL boost your druid's AC but you won't be able to wield a weapon as well as the shield and still cast spells. Unless you plan on going for a shillelagh build, this shouldn't be an issue.
  • War Caster: Most druid subclasses will spend their time casting spells in the backlines and don't normally have their hands full with a weapon and shield, so most of this feat isn't that beneficial. That said, advantage on concentration checks is always useful for full caster classes. The best use for this feat would be Circle of the Moon druids, who like to cast concentration spells before they transform into their Wild Shape and enter the fray.

Situationally Useful Feats for Druids

  • Alert: Being up higher in the initiative order can be very valuable for any class. Druids will be able to land a big spell, buff their allies, or Wild Shape right at the start of the fight, but this feat probably isn’t worth it just for that option.
  • Divinely Favored: Druids struggle with offense sometimes, so taking sacred flame and guiding bolt isn't a bad look. But taking Magic Initiate and getting a second cleric cantrip will give you more value than augury.
  • Durable: Nothing particularly exciting here for a druid.
  • Elemental Adept: The bonus damage is negligible but go for it if most of your damage comes from one element. This is a must-have for Circle of Wildfire druids as they are exclusively fire. Fire is also one of the most common damage resistances in the Monster Manual.
  • Elven Accuracy: While you may not get the maximum benefit of this feat, spellcasting druids can make use of it. Circle of the Shepherd druids that use the Hawk Spirit totem can abuse this feat by trading their reaction for advantage on attack rolls.
  • Ember of the Fire Giant: Unfortunately, this is a bit clunky, even for Circle of the Moon druids. You see, using multiattack and taking the Attack action are two separate things. So even if you can make mulitple strikes in your Beast form, you won’t be able to activate this feat and attack in the same action.
  • Fade Away: The ASIs aren't great, but you could still potentially boost your Stealth and AC through increasing Dexterity. In most cases, druids are out of combat enough that they'd rather take Shadow Touched and get access to the invisibility spell, rather than Fade Away's reaction.
  • Fighting Initiate: Because most melee druids will be in Wild Shape most of the time, the only Fighting Style that will work is Blind Fighting. It is a stellar feature, but some animals will already have this, making it a “good enough” option.
  • Fury of the Frost Giant: This doesn't fit with most druid's playstyles but Circle of the Moon druids could certainly make use of the Wisdom boost, cold resistance, and reaction-based attack.
  • Guile of the Cloud Giant: While this can help with survivability, Fey Touched can get you misty step and another useful spell while also pumping Wisdom.
  • Medium Armor Master: This is a tough one for druids, who can certainly use this feat to gain access to higher AC if they're stacked in Dexterity. See, most medium armor is made of metal, which druids won't wear. If you work with your DM to get access to armor similar to half plate while still being made of wood, you can easily get your druid to a baseline 20 AC: 15 (non-metal half plate) + 3 (Dexterity) + 2 (wooden shield) = 20.
  • Skill Expert: While expertise is always helpful, druids have Wild Shape and plenty of spells to allow for utility outside of combat. That said, doubling your proficiency for Stealth or Perception checks is never a bad thing.
  • Soul of the Storm Giant: The average druid won't care much for this ability, but Circle of the Moon Wild Shapers will love the survivability and boost to Wisdom.
  • Strike of the Giants: Even shillelagh druids won't have use for this because they'll need a Strength or Constitution for the save effects. Wild Shape druids might be able to make use of it, especially the Hill Strike so they can follow up attacks on prone enemies with advantage.
  • Telepathic: Detect thoughts isn’t as good as either misty step from Fey Touched or invisibility from Shadow Touched.
  • Tough: Druids have Wild Shape to provide an additional pool of hit points, so spending an ASI on Tough isn't likely necessary.
  • Vigor of the Hill Giant: None of the effect really produce enough value to druids to make this feat worthwhile, even with the +1 to Wisdom. Focus on something that will either boost your damage or utility.

Bad Feats for Druids

  • Actor: Nothing here for druids. If you want to infiltrate an enemy's base, just turn into a spider.
  • Athlete: Nothing here for a druid.
  • Cohort of Chaos: Unfortunately, this is too unpredictable to be a efficient use of a feat.
  • Crossbow Expert: Crossbows aren’t available to druids, so this can be skipped. Even with crossbow proficiency, ranged druids are always spellcasting, not Dex-based archers. Druids have very few spell options that require a ranged spell attack, which makes this feat all but useless.
  • Crusher: Melee-based druids don’t use weapons, so you’ll need to rely on a Wild Shape animal that not only deals bludgeoning damage but is also appropriate for your level. Overall, it’s too difficult to get this feat to work without any compromises.
  • Defensive Duelist: For druids, DEX is only for AC and initiative rolls. Melee druids will either be in wild shaped or using their WIS modifier for attacks because of shillelagh, and won’t benefit from this feat.
  • Dual Wielder: Druids are spellcasters who usually don't focus on dual wielding weapons. Wild Shape often eliminates the need for weapons, and their spellcasting would be hindered by holding a weapon in each hand.
  • Fey Teleportation: Neither of these stats increases really synergize with druids, which makes this a hard feat to recommend. Wild Shaped druids can’t cast spells, and spellcasting druids don’t really need the added mobility, so look elsewhere for a feat to improve your druid build.
  • Gift of the Chromatic Dragon: Druids usually won't be making enough weapon attacks to make this worthwhile.
  • Grappler: You can Wild Shape into creatures that can restrain their targets, so there's no use wasting a feat on this.
  • Great Weapon Master: Druids can’t learn to wield any Heavy weapons, and they would rather use Wild Shape if they want to get into melee range.
  • Gunner: Typically, your only ranged options are magic-based, so this is a waste for druids. Also, they kind of go against the whole druidic vibe.
  • Healer: You already have access to all the healing spells you need.
  • Heavily Armored: Druids cannot wear metal armor, so this feat is not useful.
  • Heavy Armor Master: Druids don't get proficiency with heavy armor.
  • Inspiring Leader: Not a great option for most druids, as they typically don't invest in high Charisma scores.
  • Keen Mind: Nothing here for a druid. Unless you want to lean heavily into a survivalist that always knows which way is north and when the sun is coming up and going down.
  • Lightly Armored: Already has access to light armor at the start.
  • Linguist: Druids won't get much out of the languages or Intelligence boost.
  • Mage Slayer: The only melee druid builds are those who take the Circle of the Moon, and the rest should just stop reading here. Moon druids can use this feat to a pretty good degree, as it can still trigger while in Wild Shape.
  • Martial Adept: Nothing here for a druid. Even shillelagh or Wild Shape druids won't benefit much because they only get one extra superiority dice.
  • Mobile: Spellcasting druids can look the other way, but Circle of the Moon druids can find some use. Depending on your choice of animal, you can easily get away with a skirmish build.
  • Mounted Combatant: Druids should pass on this feat. Why ride a horse when you can Wild Shape into a cheetah?
  • Orcish Fury: Nothing here for a druid.
  • Piercer: You’ll want to skip this for spellcasters since this only works with two spells. However, Circle of the Moon druids with a Wild Shape that deal piercing damage can work well (if you can find them).
  • Planar Wanderer: Nothing here for a druid.
  • Poisoner: No druid wants this feat. It doesn’t work for spellcasting druids because they only have access to one poison cantrip, and melee druids are usually in Wild Shape.
  • Polearm Master: Won’t find a ton of use in this feat. They can use a quarterstaff as a weapon and a focus, but their playstyles don’t really mesh with Polearm Master. Most melee druids would prefer to be in Wild Shape over attacks with a staff.
  • Revanent Blade: Nothing here for druids.
  • Ritual Caster: Druids already have Ritual Casting and can use Wild Companion if they want access to find familiar.
  • Savage Attacker: Skip this feat.
  • Second Chance: The ASIs aren't great for druids and they will likely stay on the outside of combat, using their range and healing capabilities to keep them safe in combat.
  • Sentinel: Druids aren’t usually in the front lines unless they plan on Wild Shaping for combat. Typical druid builds can probably skip this feat, but this works great for tanky Circle of the Moon builds. This works especially well with creatures with reach attacks
  • Sharpshooter: Druids absolutely don’t need this, as none of their class features are ranged weapon-focused.
  • Skulker: Most ranged druids prefer to be spellcasters over ranged weapons, making this feat a little less impressive. There’s probably some good space to explore with a stealthy Wild Shape-based build here, but that only adds to hiding and not to your combat.
  • Slasher: Druids tend to stay away from slashing melee weapons, preferring to cast spells or even use the shillelagh to buff their quarterstaff's bludgeoning damage. Druids that prefer to fight in Wild Shape, like Circle of the Moon druids can certainly make use of this feat because most beasts have attacks that deal slashing damage.
  • Spell Sniper: Druids already have access to the only WIS-based spells that needs a ranged attack roll (produce flame and thorn whip), and don't have access to many other spells that would benefit. These two issues make this a pass.
  • Squat Nimbleness: Not much of use here for druids. If you need to get somewhere quick, just use Wild Shape.
  • Tavern Brawler: RAW, a beast's attacks aren't "unarmed strikes" and therefore wouldn't work with Wild Shape.
  • Weapon Master: Druids have no use for this feat.

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